Since I just started this thing up I thought I’d basically put my “about me” section up here as a post, so you can put my stuff into its proper context and have a bit of a reference point to the two-finger typer behind it. Me, a visually addicted image maker, typesetter, word wrangler, caffeine fueled runner and thought spinner. I’m a Graphic designer who is refining his skills at the Academy of Art University where I am finishing up a Graphic Design degree with an emphasis on print identity. I’m a sensitive person but not in a fragile ego kind of a way. My sensitivity is more empathic although I’d be remiss to not own my own feelings which are greatly influenced by the world around me. Though I tend to enjoy the peace that comes with solitude I am very connected to my community. If I had to choose between two bumper stickers, one saying “every man for himself” and the other “we’re all in this together” I’d quickly choose the latter which should give you an idea which way my political wind blows. I am a constant defender of the underdogs wherever they may be found. This is a direct reaction to what I believe to be one of the worst of all human tendencies which is to bully. I don’t stand for it. Not for a second.
I think science trumps myth and I think it’s really important to be kind to people, especially to people whose position happens to make it easy to be dismissive of or rude to—service personnel, the homeless and anonymous screen names on the internet. Civility is important.
That said, I live largely in my head, drunk on music and high on art and lost in daydream. This blog will inevitably be a messy room, splattered with creative juice but I will try to make each entry as succinct* as possible. Thanks for stopping by and don’t worry about the mess; I’m also kind of a neat freak so I’ll be mopping often.

*By the way I’m sure you’ve heard the beastly mispronunciation “suss-inct” which in recent years has become widespread among educated speakers. We don’t say “ass-ident” for accident, “ass-ept” for accept or “sus-sede” for succeed, so there’s no logical reason for saying “su-ssinkt.” Take care to pronounce the double C like KS. “Suck-cinct.”


Hello world!

July 29, 2010

Atomic batteries to power

Turbines to speed

Roger, ready to move out